Memory Care

Caregiver Kits

Caregiver Kits

Memory loss can lead to empty, idle hours if one becomes unable to participate in their favorite past-times. Filling a bit of the spare time with something meaningful or engaging can be a struggle for caregivers.

The Dwight Foster Library has developed 5 Caregiver Kits for individuals who provide care to someone with memory loss. These kits contain a variety of materials and activities to stimulate the mind, body and spirit of individuals with memory loss.

Library Memory Project

Memory Project

The Library Memory Project is a partnership between public libraries and the Alzheimer’s Association of Southeastern Wisconsin. We also partner with the Lakeshores Library System and the Monarch Library System. The mission of the library memory project is to provide programs to those living with memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease, and other forms of dementia. A main component of the memory project is a monthly social gathering for those with early-stage dementia or mild cognitive impairment and a care partner, called a Memory Café.

Looking for more info? Visit or download the Memory Project Brochure with dates and locations. Project questions can be directed to Angela Meyers, Coordinator of Youth and Special Needs Services, via email or (262) 896-8245.


​Music & Memory

Even for persons with severe dementia, music can tap deep emotional recall. For individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s, memory for things—names, places, facts —is compromised, but memories from our teenage years can be well-preserved. Persons with dementia, Parkinson’s and other diseases that damage brain chemistry also reconnect to the world and gain improved quality of life from listening to personal music favorites. For additional information see Music and Memory.

With our Music & Memory program a library staff person will meet with the individual with dementia and their caregiver(s) to develop a personalized music list. Library staff will then download those pieces of music to an iPod. Staff will teach the caregiver(s) how to use the iPod. Each participant receives a free iPod and a set of headphones to use for as long as they wish. To sign up for this program contact Amy Christian at (920) 563-7790.