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The mission of the Dwight Foster Public Library is to help people achieve their full potential by being a leading resource for information, education, culture and recreation.

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Kindergarten Roundup
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Kindergarten Roundup September 19 - October 1
Kindergarten Kids that get a library card during this time, or use the card they already have to check out 5 or more books will get a hat, a book bag, a sticker, a bookmark and a sheriff's badge! Yeehaw!


Gaelic Harpist Jeff Pockat
On Thursday, October 6 at 1 pm, Jeff Pockat will entertain with his Gaelic harp music. Jeff has performed in a variety of venues and continues to share his music and the stories that go with it. Jeff also has been studying the effect of harp music on people with anxiety, depression and severe illness. Join us for this free concert and what is sure to be a special afternoon.


Lorine Niedecker Wisconsin Poetry Festival
The Lorine Niedecker WI Poetry Festival will take place at the library on Friday and Saturday, October 14 and 15. This event is free and open to the public. View the complete schedule.


American Girl Dolls
Our library now circulates eight American Girl dolls and one Bitty Baby! They can be checked out for two weeks and each kit comes with the first book in the series and a few doll accessories. Stop by to check one out!

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