Journaling During a Pandemic

November 11 at 7 pm – Click here to Register.
November 12 at 12:15 pm – Click here to Register.
BOTH programs will be the same.

We have journaling take home kits that include: a small notebook, a pen, a short list of journaling prompts, flower stickers and tea. Call the library to place one on hold or Click Here to place your own hold.

How to Get What You Want in Life by Journaling
“Journaling can boost happiness and resilience and create more focus in your life,” says Judith Joy, author, and dream creation guide and journaling coach. “Daily journaling provides insight into your behavior and feelings. It’s an especially important way to lift your spirits during turbulent times.”

The ups and downs from living with a pandemic have seeped into every corner of our lives. So, are you just coping instead of thriving? Have you thought about journaling your thoughts? Yes, using paper and pen, that type of journaling. Research suggests journaling has immense benefits. What’s more, you can reap these benefits even when your journaling is fast.

“Journaling is a mirror, a way to express yourself in the moment,” says Judith Joy, author of Dear Future Love –Bring Your Book Boyfriend to Life ( which describes her journey to find love through journaling. Research has found that writing your thoughts on paper when the world around you is in a state of flux, can reduce depression and anxiety, build resilience and boost happiness.

It’s easy to focus on negatives when the world is in an ever-changing flux. But Joy, says, “Have you noticed, if you focus on what isn’t working for you, that’s what you get.  Conversely, if you focus on what is working for you, you’ll apt to get more of that.”