Saturday Morning Philosophy

Winter/Spring 2017 Schedule

You probably believe that you know something and you probably believe that you know something about the way the world is or should be. How do you know you are right? Could reality be quite different than what you think you know? Of course it could be, right? For each of our one-hour session, we will tackle one question. We may not reach any answers, but we should hopefully learn a lot from each other on the way to trying to figure out possible answers; our focus is on the journey and understanding different perspectives.

  • Feb. 18 – What is emotion?
  • Feb. 25 – Is the scientific worldview healthy for us?
  • Mar. 4 – What is the difference between living and being alive?
  • Mar. 11 – Is morality objective?
  • Mar. 18 – Would you eat Tibbles?
  • Mar. 25 – Do you have the time?