cocoa, candy canes and booksHave you heard of Jolabokaflod? Pronounced: yo-la-bok-a-flot,
it is Iceland’s tradition of gifting books on Christmas Eve, then spending the evening reading them together. The history behind Jolabokaflod is really interesting.

The tradition began during WWII, when most everything was rationed. Paper wasn’t! So books became the gift to give at Christmas. Now the largest book show in Iceland takes place in November and the publishers send out a list of offerings to the public so they can make their book order in time for Jolabokaflod.
We have put together some “book flood” packages for your Christmas Eve enjoyment. Each package comes with cocoa, bookmarks and BOOKS!
Call the library at (920) 563-7790 to get one. We have several themes, just tell us which one you would like:
• Christmas Eve Ghost Stories
• Family Read Aloud
• New Fiction Titles
• New Nonfiction Titles
• Adult Grab Bag
• Teen Grab Bag
• Youth Grab Bag