Colorado’s Mountain Splendor

An Artist’s Vision of Colorado and the Rockies

Fort Atkinson artist Thomas Jewell has created a collection of new paintings that capture the rugged beauty of the Colorado landscape.  The exhibit will be held at the Jones Family Gallery   at the Dwight Foster Public Library, 209 Merchants Avenue, Fort Atkinson.  The exhibit’s opening reception will be held on Thursday, September 5 from 4:30 to 7:30 PM.  The artist will be at the opening reception to talk with viewers about his paintings.  The exhibit will be up for viewing through September during regular library hours.

“While the Colorado landscape is not superior to the beauty of Wisconsin, it is more dramatic. The land is more rugged, the vistas are larger, and sky spaces are more expansive in scope.  In fact, Colorado is another dramatic example of just how beautifully diverse America is.

I have been fortunate to make several trips to Colorado. These trips have yielded numerous sketches that have become a treasure trove for me to create paintings.  The 30 paintings are from all across Colorado, portraying the varied terrain.

It has been my goal to record the rugged beauty of Colorado vistas in oil, acrylic and watercolor mediums.  I have chosen the medium that best fits the particular landscape’s expanse, color, light and texture.  The different colors of the terrain and vegetation offered me a new and exciting color mixing challenge with tones that differ from those of Wisconsin and the Midwest.

This project is particularly exciting for me as it has challenged me artistically to expand my efforts and capture the raw beauty of the Colorado landscape.  It is my hope that what I have painted will be visually appealing for all of you who may come to see what I have created.