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Fun Links for Kids

50 States - Wow! A treasure trove of information about all of the states in the U.S.

Altapedia - Full color physical maps and political maps as well as key facts and statistics on countries of the world.

Earth Observatory from NASA - Satellite images of climate events around the world including volcanoes, tornados, drought, ice melt and more.

Foreign Language for Kids - Free language education site includes English, Spanish, French, German and Italian. Suitable for pre-K and elementary age students.

Global Trek from Scholastic - Virtual travel around the world. Choose your destination and keep a journal of your travels.

National Geographic Maps of the World - Maps are a part of every great adventure. They help you find your way, share information, look at patterns, and solve problems. This website offers lots of cool map activities from exploring a pyramid to collecting rocks on Mars.

National Geographic Travel and Cultures - Travel tips, blogs, photos, contests and much more.

Planet Earth on You Tube - Metafilter - The breathtaking TV series is now available in its entirety on YouTube.

Wisconsin Talking Book and Braille Library SRP Booklists - The Wisconsin Talking Book and Braille Library has created booklists for the "One World, Many Stories" and "You Are Here" themes. These are items that are available in audio book format at the WTBBL.

What's It Like Where You Live? - This site provides information about biomes (or habitats) and aquatic ecosystems as well as the plants and animals that live in them. These include the rainforest, grassland, taiga, tundra, desert, and temperate biomes; and the rivers & streams, ponds & lakes, wetlands, shorelines, temperate oceas, and tropical oceans ecosystems.

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