Junior Friends of the Library

What is Junior Friends?

A library service organization for students in grades six through twelve.

What is the organization's purpose?
To promote an appreciation for the library and proper care of its materials by accomplishing tasks and helping library staff members.

What are the requirements?

  • Students must be in at least sixth grade.
  • Students must complete a one-hour training session before they begin volunteering.
  • Students must volunteer for a minimum of 12 hours per year (September through August).
  • A student cannot work more than two hours per week.

What are the benefits of being a Junior Friend?
Students who complete their 12 hours will be invited to a lock-in at the library and will receive the following:
Year 1 - bronze medal
Year 2 - silver medal
Year 3 - gold medal
Year 4+ - $25.00 Chamber of Commerce gift certificate

Students can count Junior Friends hours for volunteer requirements or list Junior Friends as an extracurricular activity on applications.

How can I join?
Pick up a permission slip at the library and return the signed permission slip to the youth department staff. Then, schedule a one-hour training session with Youth Services Librarian Minetta Lippert.

Contact Youth Services Librarian Minetta Lippert at 920-563-7790 or minetta@fortlibrary.org.

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