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Library Travel Adventure Series Returns
The Friends of the Library Winter Travel Series returns on Thursday January 29. The first program will be presented by Larry Horsfall who will describe his trip to Cuba. The program will begin at 7 pm and will take place in the FCCU Community Room. Click here to see the rest of the series.


Dream Date With a Book
In February we are offering you a "dream date" with our books. We will wrap some favorites so you can't see what they are. You will have to choose based on the "personal ad" we have attached. When you are finished, you can let us know if it was a dream date or a dud. Youth services will also set up some "blind dates" with books in the Young Adult area on the second floor.


Looking For a Great Information Source?
Look no further! The library now has a subscription to the Opposing Viewpoints in Context Database. This resource provides homework help, promotes lifelong learning and enhances information literacy. From immigration to stem cells to texting while-driving, Opposing Viewpoints in Context delivers 13,000+ pro/con views, 1,000+ court case overviews, and thousands more topic overviews, biographies and profiles. The permanent link is under our Research menu but you can get take a look here.

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