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Board of Trustees Meeting
Dwight Foster Public Library
September 16, 2015

Present: Rita Gray, Kelly TerKeurst, Kathy Topel, Bonnie Hamm, Tom Fick, Jeff Zaspel, Pat Belt, Libby Jones, Leslie LaMuro, Jill Ottow The meeting was called to order by Rita Gray at 4:00 PM.

Approval of Minutes: The minutes of the July 29 meeting were approved as recorded. (LaMuro, Jones)

Approval of Bills: The payment of July and August bills was approved. (Ottow, LaMuro)

Update on Library Trust: Tom reported that the meeting with he, Rita, Kelly and the representatives who oversee and manage the trust fund monies for us (Jan Ruster and Bruce Simpson) went well. The fund has basically experienced a very small fluctuation (-.02) over the past 17 months. As an organization our investment profile is typical. We will maintain our portfolio as it is and as part of the strategic planning process will discuss future goals for the trust fund. Taking a look at our current benchmarks was also suggested.

Director’s Report of Financials and Services:
July fines to city: $1,636.18
YTD fines to city: $8,846.72
July revenue to city: $ 957.11
YTD other revenue: $7,800.08
YTD total deposits: $16,646. 80

Staffing: Amy Christian was hired as a youth services assistant as Cindy Vergenz is transferring to circulation duties due to the departure of Debbie May.

Bridges: Kelly updated the board on the progress and upcoming changes that will be taking place as we affiliate with the Waukesha County Library System. (Bridges) There will be training and mentoring offered for staff to ease the transition. Our circulation policy needs to be changed in order to be aligned with the Waukesha County system (Bridges). The changes were approved (Belt, Zaspel).

The Capital Improvement Program for the city, specifically the library, for 2016-2021 was discussed. Currently, this is the replacement of computers which has been funded by the Library’s Trust Fund since 2014 rather than by city funds as done in the past. The Library Board voted to approve the $10,000 expenditure in September of 2014 for the years 2014- 2019 and would like to suggest that this timeframe stay in place.

Strategic Planning: The Planning Committee (Belt, Gray, Hamm and Zaspel to replace Ottow) will meet to go over the Memorandum of Understanding from WilS on Friday, September 25 at 9:30 AM at J. F. Luther Administrative Offices. They will come up with parameters/details to present to the board for a vote, at the October meeting.

Summer Reading Program: Minetta Lippert, Youth Services Librarian, reported on another successful summer of participation. New this year was a school traveling trophy, which was well-received.

Friends of the Library: Pat reported on the recent programs sponsored by the friends (authors David Rosenfelt and Jim Rice) and the upcoming visit by Michael Perry on October 17. The FOL has made it a goal to contribute $5,000 of their fundraising monies to the Library Trust Fund each year. New officers of FOL are Sue Hartwick, president, Sandi Bernhardt, secretary and Jane Colwin, treasurer.

Friends of Lorine Niedecker: August 25 at the Token Creek Music Festival, musical interpretation of seven of Lorine’s poems was performed. The Wisconsin Poetry Festival is planned for October 16 and 17.

Announcement: Jill Ottow will be moving and this is her last meeting. The board wishes her well! Several potential replacement names have been submitted to Kelly.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 5:15 pm. (LaMuro, Topel) NEXT MEETING: October 12 4:00 PM

Board Minutes: Wednesday, September 16, 2015
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