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Monthly Board of Trustees Meeting
Dwight Foster Pubic Library
Monday, September 8, 2014
Rotary Room

Present: Rita Gray, Tom Fick, Jill Ottow, Libby Jones, Kathy Topel, Matt Trebatoski, Bonnie Hamm Kelly TerKeurst Absent: Leslie LaMuro, Pat Belt, Jeff Zaspel

The meeting was called to order at 4:00 pm by Rita Gray,

Approval of Minutes: The minutes were approved as printed. (Ottow, Fick)

Communications: A thank you letter from Janet Negus was read and an article from the Fort Atkinson Press written by Kelly, about the library, was passed around.

Financials and Services:
June fines to the city: $1087.93
July fines to the city $1368.67
YTD fines to city: $9320.08
June revenue to city: $ 891.45
July revenue to city: $ 942.02
YTD other revenue: $6891.35
YTD total deposits: $16,211.43

Approval of Bills: The payment of bills for July and August was approved. (Ottow, Topel)

Capital Improvement: The capital improvement program budget request for computers was discussed. This expense has been taken out of the city budget and will be taken out of the library's trust fund starting in 2014. This yearly expense is projected to be paid through trust funds through 2019. Part of the decision making for this change was that by law, the city cannot reduce the library's operating budget from the previous year and city revenue is lessening. This expense was approved. (Jones, Topel) Also discussed was the idea of donating old computers to non-profit groups who may need them.

Policy Committee on Trust Fund Use: This committee will be meeting shortly to review and/or revise the Trust Fund operating policy, last revised in 1993. This committee consists of Kathy Topel, Pat Belt and Libby Jones.

Carlson Dettmann Update: The wage comparable report from Carlson Dettmann indicated that Dwight Foster's wage range for circulation clerks and library assistants is on the lowest end of the comparables. Kelly and Matt will meet to find ways within the budget to initiate raises for those positions next year.

JCLC Fundraiser: The Jefferson County Literacy Council’s request to use the FCCU Community Room on February 21, 2015 for their “Taste of Literacy” event was approved. (Ottow, Hamm) The use of a permit for serving alcoholic beverages, with JCLC applying for and paying for the permit, was also approved. (Ottow, Topel)

Review of Library Director: The Officers of the Board of Trustees will meet with Kelly to review her first six months of employment.

Front Door Replacement: Kelly has contacted the architect of the building for possible companies to replace the front doors of the building. So far, Baker Glass is the only respondent, and information is being gathered as to total cost of replacement which includes locking mechanism as well as doors. Motion delayed pending more information.

Trustee Training Webinars: Several board members watched the webinars and Rita would like the entire board to view Biggest, Baddest Issues Facing Public Libraries before the October meeting to help us figure out, as board members, how to become more proactive trustees. Rita will send the link to all board members.

Mid-Wisconsin Federated Library System Report: Beaver Dam has pulled out of MWFLS which will mean the remaining libraries will incur a larger expense. The new trio catalog is scheduled to "go live" in November. Kelly has been very proactive in serving on the Governance Committee of MWFLS as well as ordering items for Dwight Foster’s collection which were previously borrowed from Lakeshores libraries.

Staff Recruitment: Shelby Schoenherr has been hired as a full time Library Assistant II and Lacey Mehring has been hired as the newest page. Shelby will begin September 15.

Friends of the Library: No report

Friends of Lorine Niedecker: Board members are encouraged to view the art installations at the high school. The Friends will be hiring someone to write the application to put Lorine's home on the National Register of Historic Places.

Meeting Adjourned at 5:40 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Bonnie Hamm.

Board Minutes: Monday, September 8, 2014
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