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Regular Monthly Library Board Meeting
Dwight Foster Public Library
Monday, February 10, 2014
Rotary Room

Present: Bill Camplin, Bonnie Hamm, Janet Negus, Jeff Zaspel, Jim Nelson, Kathy Topel, Libby Jones, Pat Belt, Rita Gray, Kate Lorenz,

Absent: Evie Johnson

The meeting was called to order at 3:30 by Chair Janet Negus.

Public Input/Communications: Thank you's from the family of Mary Gates for bulbs sent to funeral, Amy Lutzke for considering her for Library Director, and Sue Hartwick for including her on the Search Committee. Kris Mode is interested in the garage.

Approval/Corrections of Minutes: (Jim/Pat)

Report from Ad Hoc Personnel subcommittee: The committee consisting of Bonnie Hamm, Pat Belt, and Kathy Topel recommended pursuing job evaluations for 3 positions. Motion made to Hire Carlson-Dettman to evaluate the positions of Library Assistant (reference Department), Library Assistant (Youth Services) and Circulation Clerk for $250 each as quoted by Carlson-Dettman, with the funds to come from the Trust Fund.(Jim/Jeff)

Adjourn to Closed Session pursuant to Wisconsin Statute 19.85 (1)(c) to discuss employment, compensation, or performance evaluation data of any public employee: Motion made to go into closed session (Rita/Bill) Roll call taken.

Reconvene to open session: (Jeff/Bill) Roll call taken.

Approve Hiring of New Library Director: Motion made that the Dwight Foster Public Library Board offer the position of Director of the Dwight Foster Library to Kelly TerKeurst. Janet Negus is to be commended for the excellent committee she asked to serve and for her leadership in this process. A list of Goals for the first six months, were agreed upon, and a means of supporting the new Director in her goals will be set up.

Authorize President to sign annual report: Motion made to authorize Janet, the Board president to sign the annual report when it is finished. (Pat/Bonnie)

Trust Fund Review: Our packet contained the October report. But Kate has seen the January report and is making sure the check from the community foundation has been deposited.

Adopt Investment Policy: The policy was reviewed by Rod Ellenbecker. Motion made to accept the Policy (Jim/Kathy). Kate will advise the bank to set up the account. Reviews should be quarterly based on the natural calendar year. Jan., April, July, and Oct.

Director's Report: Interim Director Lorenz presented the December budget, statistical, and transit reports.

Dec. Fines to the city $ 1,435.31
YTD fines to the City. $ 15,431.43
Dec. revenue to the city $ 742.25
YTD Other Revenue to City $11,957.27
YTD Total Deposits to City $27,388.70

Approval of Bills: Bills for January 2014 were approved (Bill/Jim)

Foundation Report/Review: Interaction with the Foundation will be minimal in the near future. Kate will write them a Thank You note.

Mid-Wisconsin Federated Library System Report: Have hired the second IT person (Patrick Busch). There is no longer IT support from Lakeshores IT personnel.

Friends of the Library Report: The Author presentation had light public support, but the authors all thoroughly enjoyed it and want to do it again. The travel series is starting again with the next one being China. There will be a gift basket fund raiser coming soon. Author visits have been planned.

Friends of Niedecker Report: None

Next Meeting date: March 10, 2014 Pat Belt will preside.
Adjourned: 5:05

Respectfully submitted,
Rita Gray

Board Minutes: Monday, February 10, 2014
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