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Regular Monthly Library Board Meeting
Monday, May 12, 2014 at 3:30 p.m.
Rotary Room

Present: Bonnie Hamm, Janet Negus, Jeff Zaspel, Jim Nelson, Leslie LaMuro, Libby Jones, Pat Belt, Rita Gray, Kelly TerKeurst

Absent: Kathy Topel, Matt Trebatoski

  1. Call to Order: Meeting called to order at 3:32 by Chair Janet Negus
  2. Public Input/Communications: None
  3. Approval/Correction of Minutes: The April 21, 2014 minutes were approved. (Jim/Bonnie)
  4. Investment policy Review: Motion made to add the words "The Board's preferred investments will be mutual funds" to the section Equity Investments in the Investment policy (Jim/Bonnie). Once a year the investments should be reviewed, as to the requested balance of the portfolio, and the performance against the benchmarks. Premier and MainStreet Advisors have agreed to be fully invested by June 30. Therefore the fiscal year will end June 30, and July will be the time to make that review. Quarterly visits by BankStreet Advisors are not necessary. Changes in the mix of the investments should not happen quarterly. We should request a one page report. Jim will make a spreadsheet and continue to help even though he will not be on the board. An option would be to form an investment committee that would meet when necessary.
  5. Trust Fund Review and Checkbook: Donations have been deposited in the Trust fund. Kelly is continuing the book that documented theses donations, and is working on spreadsheets that will keep track of them. The bank should be able to make out checks within 24 hours of them being requested. It was decided that no checking account was necessary. Donations to the Library should always be thanked, and the words "No goods or services were received for this donation" be included. People will then be able to document the gift on their taxes. Jim was read a commendation, thanking him for his valuable help to the Library and the Board.
  6. Board Policy on food in the Library – Motion to add the words to the Code of Conduct for Public Library Behavior "Food may be consumed in the coffee shop area." (Pat/Leslie)
  7. Director's Report: Financials and Services: The March budget report, March Monthly report and The April Share statistical report were included in the packet.
  8. Feb fines to the city   $1,607.22
    YTD fines to the city   $3,048.87
    Feb revenue to the city   1,148.77
    YTD revenue to the City   2,098.88
    YTD total deposits to the city   $5,147.75
    The above is a correction to last month’s reporting.

    Mar fines to the city   $1,149.85
    YTD fines to the city   $4,198.72
    Mar revenue to the city   933.17
    YTD revenue to the City   3,032.05
    YTD total deposits to the city   $7,230.77

  9. Approval of Bills: (Bonnie/Leslie)
  10. Mid-Wisconsin Federated Library System Report: A contract between SirsiDynix and MWFLS has been signed. Kelly volunteered to be on a governance committee to help with the creation of the new SHARE system. Dustin Foust, MWFLS ITT person, is receiving training.
  11. Friends of the Library Report: Working on ways to build membership. Currently 185 family members and 21 Businesses. More Author visits are planned. A Book sale will be held in July. May have a booth at the farmer's market.
  12. Friends of Niedecker Report: May 12th (today) would be Lorine’s 111th birthday. Margo Peters (Biographer) is being interviewed on Wisconsin Public Radio. Four new Board members have been added to the Friends of Lorine Niedecker Board.
  13. Good-bye to Janet: A commendation to Janet was read, thanking her for her leadership, her commitment to the Library, and her nine years of dedicated service in all aspects of the Library Board.
  14. Adjournment (Pat/Jim) 4:40 Pat/Bonnie

Respectfully Submitted, Rita Gray

Next meeting: June 9, 2014 Meeting start time was questioned. Could we start at 4:00?

Board Minutes: Monday, May 12, 2014
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