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Monthly Board of Trustees Meeting
Dwight Foster Public Library ~ April 13, 2015

Present: Rita Gray, Kelly TerKeurst, Kathy Topel, Jill Ottow, Tom Fick, Leslie LaMuro, Pat Belt, Libby Jones, Matt Trebatoski, Jeff Zaspel, Bonnie Hamm Guests: Sue Hartwick, Linda Ager
The meeting was called to order at 4:00 PM by Rita Gray.

Approval of Minutes: The March minutes were approved as corrected. (Ottow, LaMuro)

Update on Library System Affiliation: Linda Ager and Sue Hartwick acknowledged and thanked Kelly for her role in the change process from Mid-Wisconsin (MWFLS) to Waukesha County library system. The withdrawal process was explained and all eight libraries in Jefferson County are in favor of the change. We foresee better service, a higher level of professionalism with no added cost for municipalities. Board members are encouraged to attend the Fort Atkinson City Council Meeting on April 21 and the Jefferson County Board meeting on May 12 where the withdrawal will be acted upon. A letter to the City Council urging their approval of the resolution to withdraw was approved (Ottow, Zaspel) and signed by all board members. A motion to withdraw from MWFLS and a letter stating such, to be sent to Jane Colwin, was approved by this board. (Zaspel, Belt).

Director’s Report of Financials and Services
February fines to city: $1169.99
YTD fines to city: $2294.68
Feb. revenue to city: $1838.80
YTD other revenue: $2625.17
YTD total deposits: $4919.85

Change date of May Meeting: It was decided to combine the May and June meeting dates and just meet on June 8 due to Kelly’s absence in May for a family matter. (NEXT MEETING: JUNE 8)

Board Leadership: The Board membership will remain the same for 2015-16. Rita Gray will continue as president, Bonnie Hamm will continue as secretary and Pat Belt will continue as vice-president. A motion was approved to retain the current slate of officers for 2015-16 (Fick, Zaspel).

Approval of Bills: The payment of March bills was approved. (Zaspel, LaMuro)

Community Room Use: Discussion centered around charging for use of the Community Room by civic and for profit groups. The Policy Committee will meet to discuss this issue. Jeff offered to send the school district’s policy to Kelly as an example.

Replacement of front doors: The estimates from Baker Glass were discussed and how much glass is needed was also a topic. Kelly will continue seeking information about options. Staying with the architectural integrity of the building design is important.

Author Event: A July event with author David Rosenfelt is in the planning stages. The organizers are considering an evening event at the library, after operating hours. More information will follow.

Library System Report: We are now four months into the new catalog system. Issues with the system have slowly dwindled. Kelly invited board members to meet with her if there are questions.

Art Purchase: Kelly requested to spend $635 to purchase art work for the library. Approved. (Zaspel, Topel)

Friends of the Library: The recent booksale netted $300. The basket auction has begun. Author Michael Perry will be coming in October.

Friends of Lorine Niedecker: A monograph will be released in May. Wisconsin Poetry Festival to be held Oct. 16-17.

Meeting adjourned at 5:50 Pm

Board Minutes: Monday, April 13, 2015
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